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Ultimate Lip Hydration


As Charlene and I have had a significant amount of sun exposure over our respective lifetimes we take the risk of skin cancer very seriously and visit Debra, our dermatologist, regularly. On occasion she has noticed something that bothered her enough and pulled out her scalpel to perform a biopsy just to be sure, but more often she just points out spots that are slightly suspicious for which she prescribes a topical chemo cream that once applied to a spot can identify any pre-cancerous skin by a reaction which gets irritated and red which  leads to continued to use of the cream for a few weeks until the spot erupts and then scabs up and falls off leaving completely soft, healthy skin.

Since moving to SW Florida I noticed that after a day at the beach I had a spot on my bottom lip that would turn white and feel sore. I decided to use the same chemo cream on my lip not realizing that the reaction was going to be so severe that I could barely open my mouth. It was truly as bad as it could be and eating became a challenge. I tried the recommended solutions to the typical irritation caused by the chemo cream, Vaseline and Neosporin, forget about it. They burned. I tried our Hydrate and Heal Lip Balm which I designed to be moist, healing and easy gliding.  I couldn’t touch my lips with it without causing serious burning. I was out of things to try as oils like olive and vitamin E didn’t give me any relief from the pain. I locked myself in my Lab and went to work. Staying positive was the challenge as I have had many batch failures in creating our products on the road to finally getting it right, and I needed this product yesterday. With the odds against me I had a feeling about this one when I blended the first batch. When it cooled and set up it just looked right. And then the test, INSTANT RELIEF!.  By the following day I was healing fast and could eat normally again.

So once again, a new product was born from our own need, the way all of our products have been conceived of and formulated, from passion.

                      CHARLENE AND I  LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Raw yellow beeswax, Organic Calendula Extract, and Vitamin E

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