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Our Story

A Business That Found Us ...

Our lead product, Save Your Skin, was conceived of a few years ago innocently enough when I owned a tennis club in the Southern California desert where the daytime summer temps reached 115 degrees regularly.

After being nuked all day the last thing I wanted to do was to smear sticky aloe products on my skin. So we created a fine mist to rehydrate, the criteria for which was simply to use all natural essential and vitamin oils that we knew were healthy for the skin and to make it smell good.

Even though as a tennis pro I was very tan I never took my shirt off. So when we went to the beach one day and got sunburned we discovered by accident that the spray calmed down the burn and prevented peeling unlike anything else we had ever used.

We began testing it all over the Caribbean on ourselves by purposely lying out in the sun and burning ourselves with consistent results that saved many a vacation. Hence the slogan "The Only Animals We Test On Are Ourselves".

We typically stayed at smaller resorts where we were able to get friendly with the ownership and management so as to be able to leave bottles of our concoction at the lobby desk for other guests to try with results that had the vacationers begging to buy it from us.

Those initial results spawned the name Solar Recover, and lead us to test market Save Your Skin in New York's playground "The Hamptons" in July of 2000 with results that we could have never predicted. A business was born.

A Continuing Passion ...

The door was open to pursue our passions in creating great products for our own use. In some ways we are a little selfish in that regard.

The good news for the public is that when we do release a new product into the marketplace it has been tried and tested by a couple of maniacs who are very hard to satisfy. The final results speak for themselves as we have gone from 1 product in 2000 to many unique products with many more on the way as the flood gates are now open.