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Customer Testimonials

Since our earliest days we have always been inspired by the many testimonials we have received from our customers. And although we have permission to use the actual names and email or snail addresses in each of the following testimonials, we've decided to protect the privacy of these nice people.

Ultimately our products speak for themselves. After all, we are maniacs when it comes to creating very unique products for ourselves before we offer them to you. And we aren't easy to please.

While we never make any medical claims that are not substantiated by clinical trials, we are always blown away by the likes of what you will read in some of the testimonials. It just lets us know that our passions are leading us down the right path above and beyond our wildest expectations. And we truly thank you.

Michael & Charlene

Do you have a story to tell us about our products? Let us know!

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy with Doxil. This particular chemo has few side effects except for its nasty attack on the skin. After three months my skin was so bad that the Dr's were seriously thinking of changing the chemical. Last week I saw a young lady hawking your products in Whole Foods. I tried it on my raw skin and it was so soothing I immediately bought your Hydrating Cream. After less than one week the difference in my skin is remarkable. You just might have saved my treatment. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

Terri--Rockaway, NY

I wanted to let you know that the Solar Recover spray has been used by my dear friend in Concord, MA during her radiation treatments for inflammatory breast cancer. She was the one that introduced my mom and I to the product to begin with. She said it has really really been a wonderful thing!!! It has allowed her to tolerate the burns. She said the doctors at Boston hospital have been amazed at how good her skin has been doing. I just wanted to thank you for having produced the product. It has saved my dear friend from a lot of pain.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Best regards,

Cyndi--Memphis, Tn

I was stung on my foot by a giant bee early on a Saturday and was in terrible pain for quite a few hours. My husband brought home something from the drug store (a gel made of ammonia), which made it hurt more - if that's possible! I went into my local health food store (Port Nutrition in Port Washington) and asked if by chance he had something for bee stings. He sold me Sting Recover. I applied it early in the afternoon and felt immediate relief. I can't tell you what a miracle your product is. I have already recommended it to all of my friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can't wait to try some of your other products.

Jan--Port Washington, NY

To whom it may concern,

My name is J.R. Rusgrove from Bristol, CT and my father Jim, is the manager of a small beach shop in Pawleys Island, SC. called "Pawley Island Beach Service". A few weeks ago I took my kids down to see my dad and his wife Sonya & to enjoy the incredible food, sights and entertainment of Pawleys Island and the surrounding communities. I have been going to Pawleys Island now for 10 years and have, on too many occasions, gotten a very bad sunburn while at the beach. Once it was so bad that I ended up sitting inside for the balance of my trip doing nothing but watching TV and watching everyone else having fun.

On my first day at the beach on this most recent trip - I once again got very burned (I am of Irish / English decent - somewhat fair skinned to say the least) and came back to their home to the wide eyed expressions of my family and the "Oh man...that's gotta hurt!". I took two Advil and headed to the bathroom where he has a 10 year acquired supply of various gels, sprays, creams, etc. - all geared to relieve the pain & suffering of sunburn. Before I smeared my body with one of the nasty aloe vera gels - he handed me a half empty (half full?) bottle of Solar Recover and told me to try this first. I read the back of the bottle, liked what I read and figured why not give this a try.

My only comment to you is this - truly amazing! After a few more burning sensation what so ever (and at 42 years old I still complain like a child when it comes to the smallest of sunburns). I slept great - no tossing and turning to get comfortable and best of all - when I woke up the redness of the sunburn was already turning into a mild tan. I used it three times a day, every day of my vacation and I have to tell you my skin never looked or felt better. I shared what I had left with my girlfriend when I got home and now she has become Solar Recover junkie as well!

I have two questions to ask of your company:

  1. Instead of buying it from my father in Pawleys Island - where can I get it here near Bristol, CT where I live? I only have enough to last a few more days - that is if my girlfriend doesn't steal what I have left in the bottle.
  2. I would like to know if you have sales representation for this product in my area - I would love the opportunity to distribute this product and seeing that I live right next door to ESPN - maybe I could help open a new market for Solar Recover.

I know that Solar Recover not only allowed me to enjoy my vacation in the sun with my kids and family - but has also made my skin look and feel better than I can ever remember. You got a winner here - no doubt about it.

Sincerely yours,

J.R. Rusgrove

I'm a lifeguard, have been for the past 6 years and I always get burnt once at the beginning of the summer. I've always used aloe and lotion to try and keep moisurized but I ended up peeling anyway in the end. Last summer, I was at the beach and I got my first burn of the summer and I saw your product in a store and figured I would give it a try (since I really had nothing to lose but another layer of skin). Anyway... found out that it was amazing!!! Not only could I spray it instead of trying to reach the middle of my back but it really helped me stay moisturized enough to keep my skin from peeling. Now everyone I work with uses it, even my mom who likes to keep moisturized in the winter. Thanks so much!! You guys are really awesome! Hope things are going great with your business! This really is a great product, I recommend it to everyone!! And thanks for listening to my long story! :)

Chrissy--Naples, FL


I'm a glass beadmaker. I was at a show in Philadelphia recently working on my torch when a piece of glass flew off and hit my hand. One of the other beadmakers brought some of your product to me and suggested I use it. Although I'm sure it's great for stings, it was wonderful to have when I burned my hand with the hot glass sliver.


My husband worked at PGA National Resort In Palm Beach Gardens FL and your company was represented at a trade show there - we got a sample of your Solar Recovery from there. Having grown up in South Florida I have abused my skin since I was a child. I see a vast difference when I use Solar Recovery - I ordered for me and a friend - and decided to try your samples to see if all of your products are as good. By the way the Solar Recovery also works great on winter rashes - I used to go to a dermatologist each time I was faced with cold weather, and now I live in the mountains of Tennessee - I will use Solar Recovery all winter!


Hello Michael and Charlene, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I have been planning a surprise 50th for my mother and things have been hectic. I was actually introduced to your product on Monday. My father recently moved to Florida and was flying up to New York on Monday. We are Irish and VERY fair/sensitive skinned. Needless to say Florida has dried him out. His flight attendant handed him the small bottle of your product, it had just a little left at the bottom and she told him to take the bottle, that it would help. Well his skin was so soft the next day that we decided to order it. We all wanted to use it right away but he had so little left in that bottle we felt bad taking it from him. So we ordered it and we love it. I love the lip balm as much as the Save your skin oil. It will be great for these cold winters we get up here. Between the heat and the cold dry air outside it can be brutal on my sensitive skin. Thanks for making such a great product.


Hi Michael and Charlene, I just got my order yesterday, thank you for such a quick delivery. I started using Save Your Skin a few years ago when I found it at Orleans Whole Foods on Cape Cod. I also started buying Save Your Hair for my girlfriend, of course I use it too, because she has a lot of hair and it helps to keep it from drying out in the sun and salt water. We are going to Belize at the end of March, so I thought I would try the sunblock and Sting Recover (just in case). I always have used all natural products and think yours are some of the best. Keep up the good work and I look forward to see any new products you come up with. Thank You,


Regarding this hydrating cream & I've had this problem with my hands since I was a little kid. I get these little red bumps underneath the skin (painful) that often erupt into water blisters, and then all the skin off my palms and fingers comes off. One little dab, and over night my hands are completely healed. I m gonna be pushing this stuff & I ve had several dermatologists prescribe all sorts of stuff that didn t do a damn thing. I guess we re gonna have to get creative on shipping this product. I know lots of people with eczema. The doctors told me my problem was a form of eczema. Either way, this is the only stuff that has EVER worked. (oh yeah & I love the packaging)

Dennis--Scottsdale, AZ

I've gone through eight bottles of your product over the last year, and I use it after every shower. I love the product and my wife loves the way it smells on me. Reminds her of a spa. I just love to feeling of spraying it into my closed eyes. There is something very refreshing about that. I dislike the feeling of heavy creams on my eyelids, but your product not only feels good upon application, but it seems to keep that very sensitive area refreshed for hours after application.

Frank--Smithtown, NY

My family loves Save Your Hair! My children bathe in the evening and their hair is always tangled when they wake up in the morning. They run for Save Your Hair, which they have named "Dolphin Spray", and the brush easily runs through their hair! They love it because it doesn't hurt to get their hair done and I love it because it is all natural.

Zari--Port Washington, NY

I was given a tube of your hydrate and save lip balm today and am totally sold! It has just the right glide and texture and the lavender is awesome. Please email me back with the retailer in my area so I can explore more of your products. I live in East Bridgewater, MA, about 30 miles south of Boston. Thank you, hoping to hear from you soon.


Hi Michael and Charlene

I found your product in Surf City, NC at the Spinnaker Surf Shop. I live in Wilmington, NC and spent the day at the beach in Surf City. After being in the sun all day and not applying enough sunscreen I knew I was in for it for that evening. I saw your product on the shelf and decided to try it. What drew me to it the most was the all natural ingredients. After showering that night and seeing just how burnt I was, I immediately sprayed on your product. I was amazed at how quickly I stopped burning. I slept very comfortably that night and was almost completely brown the next morning. It usually takes me 2 to 3 days to brown after getting that much sun and I always peel afterwards. It has been almost a week now and I use your product daily. I have not started peeling nor do I see signs that I will. Your product is AWESOME!! I have started spraying a little on my face every morning and have already noticed a difference in how soft and smooth it is. In fact, I am very pleased with how soft and smooth all of my skin feels after using it.

I live about 45min. from Surf City. I was wondering if you had any stores selling your product in the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach area. I live only 5-10 minutes from the surf shops here. I know it would sell great if you could get it out in the stores. Not only is Wilmington a beach town, but it is a college town as well---UNCW! Your product is so reasonably priced that anyone can afford it. Even the beach loving and sun worshipping UNCW students. Thanks for such a great and safe product!

April - Wilmington, NC

My family and I recently went to Virginia Beach on vacation. Like typical tourists, we stayed too long in the sun, and were all sun burned by mid week. We happened by your product in a quaint little shop on the strip. I couldn't beleive how it made our skin feel. I have red hair and am fair complected. I have had sun burns so bad, that I put everything on them from Aloe to hemmroid creme, and nothing ever worked...until I found solar recover. I brought it home and showed it to my friends, and we have almost used the whole bottle in just a couple of weeks. I will be purchasing more...I just wanted to tell you what a great product you have!