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Cyberspace Marketing Policy

Our business has been built on the support of many loyal retailers around the country who have demonstrated that they truly believe in what we are doing. We think of our retailers as our partners in educating the public when it comes to natural products. We value the input that we receive from them regularly which has enabled us to always improve upon our creations and systems of development.

In support of our retailers we have never discounted and undersold our retailers on the internet. We truly don't like to sell direct, and have only had to do so when an individual customer has purchased our products while on vacation in a resort community only to find our products unavailable to them once they've returned home. And when they have purchased direct from us they have always paid above the suggested retail price and incurred shipping expenses as well.

To take it a step further, when contacted by a customer whose residential address is in close proximity to one of our retailers, we always when possible steer them towards the store. And for those who don't reside near one of our distributors, we always request the name of a store or two that we can contact to enable them to have easier and less expensive access to our products.

Our posture dictates that we expect nothing less from each of our retailers as well. We have no problem with retailers discounting our products within the four walls of their establishment. But our company policy absolutely prohibits advertisting discounted prices in any way on the internet. Those who do so will be discontinued as our customers with no acceptions. It is nothing more than a show of appreciation to those whom have helped us to build something from nothing as we pursue our passion.

We truly value your business.

Michael & Charlene Zausner